Portfolio Management

This is our customized portfolio management service for clients with large portfolios who desire more flexibility in their investment portfolio. Our portfolio management service are available to individuals, Co-operatives, institutional investors, Agencies Endowment, Schools and Parastatals. We conduct our Portfolio management services on two types of mandates, discretionary and non-discretionary. With the non-discretionary mandate, we make investment decisions on behalf of the clients, whereas with the Discretionary mandate, client makes investment decisions, we execute.

Services are provided across asset classes including equities, money market, fixed income and real estate. We provide periodic portfolio reports & recommendations to clients to ensure effective monitoring of portfolio performance. We are supported by a robust research team that provides us with highly-rated market intelligence.

The procedure for establishing a portfolio management account involves establishing an investment policy statement that defines risk and returns profile of the client, investment horizon, liquidity requirements among other things.