Who We are

Who we are

Mission 01.

Helping our clients achieve financial solutions for better opportunities.


Vision 02.

To distinguish Goldenbridge as a preferred financial principal and service provider of innovations for building, developing and protecting wealth.


Since our foundation, our goal has been to create experiences.

Goldenbridge is a fund and portfolio management company offering discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management to individuals, companies and organizations. We have added value and offered strong returns to our clients since 2015.

We have extensive experience and considerable understanding of Nigeria, and the global markets. Over the years our investment team has demonstrated exceptional performance, even during varying market conditions. With innovative ideas and real-life solutions, we have also helped make financial progress towards a more secure financial future viable for clients of all income and portfolio sizes. Goldenbridge Asset Management has helped more individuals and organizations achieve their long-term financial goals through a wide variety of solutions.

Our way of managing assets is comprehensive. We have a thorough view of the client's financial wealth and we adjust our services according to the client's needs. The client's priorities as well as ensuring stable future wealth are our guiding principles. Our core values at Goldenbridge are integrity, transparency, excellence, accountability and teamwork. We believe in building long lasting relationships with both our clients and partners.

Goldenbridge Asset Management is regulated by the Nigerian Securities and Exchange commission (SEC). We are located in Abuja, Nigeria.

About us

Core Values


From its outset in 2015, Goldenbridge has built consistently upon sound decisions which will impact the industry and inspire the imagination of the next generation.


At Goldenbridge, to be whole and undivided is not an option, we insist it is the only way to carry on stewardship of wealth entrusted to our management.


The culture of a profession constitutes its ethics and its leaders are the high priests of that way, Goldenbridge attracts those people with such quality expressed through skill and training.


The life blood of Asset Management in any clime has always been Innovation. Goldenbridge leveraging on its most valued asset, its people, has consistently inspired thinking outside the box as a way of life.